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The national expertise centre for substance-related occupational diseases pools knowledge and expertise in the area of hazardous substances and health risks for workers. In this way, we contribute to the prevention and assessment of occupational illnesses, with the aim of creating a future in which people no longer become ill from substances they are exposed to in the workplace.

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Why Lexces?

Each year, some 3,000 people die following exposure to hazardous materials in the workplace. An even larger number become ill. A greater awareness and knowledge of these occupational diseases and their prevention are needed. That starts with identification, an increased focus on and more knowledge about these occupational diseases. The knowledge contributed by the various fields must therefore be consolidated and shared. That is precisely what Lexces does.

More about Lexces

About Lexces

Lexces is the expertise centre for the prevention and assessment of occupational diseases caused by exposure to hazardous substances. Comprising five knowledge institutes, we collaborate with other stakeholders to gather, develop and share knowledge and expertise. 

TSB regulation

The government is currently working on the Compensation for Substance-related Occupational Diseases (Tegemoetkoming Stoffengreletateerde Beroepsziekten, TSB) regulation. Lexces advises the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment on the list of recognised occupational diseases. In addition, Lexces will be given a role in the implementation of the TSB regulation. 


A description of projects being carried out by Lexces will appear on this page in the future.


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