TSB regulation

The government is currently working on the Compensation for Substance-related Occupational Diseases (TSB) regulation. The aim is to give victims of substance-related occupational diseases recognition for the fact that they have become ill as a result of exposure to certain harmful substances at work.

The TSB regulation is a one-off financial allowance for individual (former) employees and the self-employed, which will take effect on 1 January 2023 and will initially apply to three occupational diseases:

  • Lung cancer due to asbestos
  • Allergic (occupational) asthma
  • Chronic solvent encephalopathy (CSE, or painter's disease)

In the future, the regulation will apply to an increasing number of substance-related occupational diseases. To this end, the NCvB, in collaboration with the other four Lexces institutes, has drawn up an overview of severe substance-related occupational diseases. A report on this can be found on the NCvB website. The report gives a preliminary overview.

The TSB regulation will be implemented from 2023 by the Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, SVB). The Institute for Occupational Illnesses due to Hazardous Substances (Instituut Slachtoffers Beroepsziekten door Gevaarlijke stoffen, ISBG) advises the SVB on this. In order to determine whether the applicant meets the conditions for an allowance, the ISBG relies, among other things, on an assessment by a Lexces expert panel.

The process of application, assessment, advice and decision-making about the regulation is currently being worked out. The Ministry of SZW does this together with the three parties involved.

Do you suffer from one of the three selected occupational diseases and do you think the TSB regulation applies to you? Then you can submit an application to the ISBG from 1 January 2023.