About Lexces

Lexces is the expertise centre for the prevention and assessment of occupational diseases caused by exposure to hazardous substances. Our expertise centre consists of five knowledge institutes. These institutes collaborate with each other and other stakeholders to gather, develop and actively share knowledge about these occupational diseases with occupational health and safety professional, occupational health care professionals, employers and employees. 

Lexces was launched on July 1, 2022.

Why was Lexces founded?

Each year, some 3,000 people die following exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. An even larger number become ill. Professionals in the area of working conditions have a need for knowledge that can help prevent occupational diseases in practice. That knowledge needs to be amassed from various fields and shared amongst them. 

That starts with identifying which hazardous substances are found in the workplace, recognising in which situations exposure occurs and detecting occupational diseases at an early stage.

A serious occupational disease can have grave consequences for the sufferer. These are not just medical in nature, but also social and financial. Moreover, seeking recourse before the courts against a current or previous employer for damage to health is often a difficult and lengthy process. That is why the Government of the Netherlands is working on the Compensation for Substance-related Occupational Diseases (Tegemoetkoming Stoffengerelateerde Beroepsziekten, TSB) regulation. With this one-off compensation, the government aims to offer social recognition to sufferers of serious occupational diseases. Lexces contributes to this regulation with scientific expertise. 

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